Flight (Taphony)


           Flight (Taphony), 2016. Cast bronze. 180 x 107 x 48 cm
Sales enquiries, IS Art Gallery, Franschhoek, 021 876 2071

Gavin Younge’s works in vellum draw attention to skin as a site of conflict. For him, the body is a surface to be worked upon, to be inscribed with the surgeon’s sutures. His new work, Flight, neatly captures these stitches in bronze, kind of typhonic process. The antelope has been invested with a force that lies between myth and history. No longer an animal to be preyed upon by hunter or carnivore, the beast sets itself free on stilts made from the idea of bamboo. (Extracted, in part, from Maud de la Forterie. 2009. Deep Skin. La Noire Galerie, Paris).

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