Curating the Waves

Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi 2018
Sculpture by the Sea – Cottesloe 2019

Curating the Waves, five-metre long stainless steel sculpture, part of Sculpture by the Sea-Bondi, 18 October to 4 November 2018, accepted for exhibition on Sculpture by the Sea-Cottesloe 2019, 1 March to 18 March 2019.

The sculpture is meant to formulate questions in the mind of the viewer, questions about form and function, and the nature of the human artefact. Diderot’s Encyclopedia, written in the mid-1700s, sought to give the French a new way of thinking about science and the arts by chronicling everything, even the most seemingly mundane. Illustrated with hand-drawn plates of common hand tools, his encyclopedia irked the King who feared that Diderot’s obsession with ‘natural law’ would bring about a revolution. Diderot’s project was halted by the courts and his house searched for the manuscript which, it was believed, advanced the worth of industry and the commoner. The American photographer, Walker Evans, was also persuaded of the natural beauty of (un)designed common hand tools. His photographic essay on the beauty of the common tool was published in Fortune Magazine in July 1955.

Seemingly mundane, Curating the Waves aims to provide a non-linear journey through human imagination,and the vanity that we are in charge of nature and the world.

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